Author: Miss Thomas

Egyptian Centre Trip – Year 5&6

What a perfect way to start our new and exciting topic, Pharaohs! We visited Swansea University’s Egyptian Center and we thoroughly enjoyed as we delved deep into the topic in a fun and interesting way. We can’t wait to discover more as we have already learnt how the Egyptians weighed hearts, how they dressed and how they measured.

Miss Thomas’s Spring Term 2 Class News

Year 5 & 6

Frozen Kingdom

We’ve had a great half term! We continued to delve deeper into our topic, ‘Frozen Kingdom’ and we have written wonderful stories. We were then able to write brilliant dialogues to progress our stories further. We also completed our book of the term, ‘The Ice Monster’ by David Walliams and we have thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

This term we celebrated ‘Welsh Week’ and year 5 and 6 were able to recreate one of Valerie Ganz’s pieces. They created wonderful sketches of welsh miners. They also were able to write a poem on their chosen subject and presented their poem to the class.

This term we have had lots of exciting days, such as: our federated netball and football tournament, Easter bingo, Red Nose Day, Wizards league, fire safety talks, first aid training and our Afan Argoed trip.

Please continue to keep up to date with what is going on in class with Class Dojo and SeeSaw.Lots of information is also on the school website which is updated regularly. I hope you have a wonderful Easter break!

Miss E. Thomas

The Big Pedal

Healthy Schools/Eco


Thank you to everyone who participated in ‘The Big Pedal’ and made an effort to come to school by bike! Some children came to school by scooter too and by walking which was great to see as the weather was so beautiful! We hope everyone continues to attend school by foot or by bike as it is great for our health.



Mrs Quinn’s Spring Term 2 Class News

Reception/Year 1

We’ve had great half term complete with sleet, snow, fog, rain, cloud and warm sunshine! The weather just can’t make its mind up!


This half term we continued with our topic ‘Fabulous Foods.’  Farmer Fred has been leaving us little notes and challenges to keep us busy and we have had lots of work to do to help him out. One day Farmer Fred left us a huge pile of carrots! We had to count them, weigh them, measure them and research things we could make with the carrots. After a class vote we decided to make a carrot cake, chop up some carrot sticks for snack, and blend some to make a carrot smoothie. They were all yummy and Farmer Fred was so pleased!

We had lots of fun learning about traditional Welsh foods during ‘Welsh Week’ this half term. We tasted a selection of lovely Welsh dishes and even cooked some of our own. Everyone looked great dressed up in their Welsh costumes and we finished off the celebrations with a Twmpath.


    Thank you so much again for the fabulous homework photos sent via Seesaw. It is always wonderful to share everyone’s homework videos and photos with the whole class and it provides a great opportunity for the children to talk about their experiences in front of their friends. If you have trouble sending in homework please ask a member of staff who will be more than happy to help.  


                          Have a lovely Easter break everyone.