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The Big Pedal

Healthy Schools/Eco


Thank you to everyone who participated in ‘The Big Pedal’ and made an effort to come to school by bike! Some children came to school by scooter too and by walking which was great to see as the weather was so beautiful! We hope everyone continues to attend school by foot or by bike as it is great for our health.



Eco Day!

We had a fantastic time celebrating Eco Day! We were lucky that Matt Bunt came to run sessions with each class so we could all learn about plastic and waste. He also did an engaging assembly on waste and how it is impacting on our world. The whole school wore green and we really enjoyed our day!


Eco Assembly

Some children from the Eco Committee gave a fantastic assembly today on energy. They showed a video and asked questions to their peers. They spoke confidently and were able to share ideas on why we should save energy in school, how we can save energy and why it is so important.

Eco Actions and Targets

Some members of our Eco Council spoke very confidently this week during an assembly. They told the whole school what this years updated targets are to ensure everyone is helping towards reaching our targets and everyone knows what they need to do to make our school an eco friendly school. Our main targets are: to reduce the amount of electricity we are using, to attract wildlife to our school and to look after our pond.

Eco Club!

Today we checked the pond to make sure it had enough water. We filled the pond up again with the rain water we have collected in buckets.

We also made posters to put around the school to make people eco aware!

Eco Club!

Our after school ‘Eco club’ have made a plan and are all set to make our school even more Eco friendly. Tonight we topped up our pond with the rain water we have been collecting to keep the frogs happy, and did a litter pick around the school grounds.

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