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Documents and Policies

Annual Consent Booklet

Admissions Policy

Annual Report to Parents 2020

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy Incorporating the Code of Conduct for Penatly Notices

Behaviour policy


Channel leaflet Updated 20141

Curriculum Policy

Data Breach Policy UAF 2019

Data Protection Policy (including GDPR Guidance)

Disability Equality Policy

GDPR Guidance

Health and Safety Policy


Keeping Learners Safe 2015

Medical Needs Policy

NPTCBC School Retention Policy 2016 (003)

Parent-Staff Letter – Revised Notice Information

Privacy Statement-Notice (Parent Data) June 2018

Privacy Statement-Notice (Pupil Data) June 2018

Privacy Statement-Notice (Workforce Data) June 2018

Safeguarding – All Wales UASC Practice Guidance

Safeguarding – Child Protection Policy (ERW)

Safeguarding – Child Trafficking

Safeguarding – CSE Protocol Review – Janary 2014

Safeguarding – Domestic Abuse Protocol

Safeguarding – Female Genital Mutilation Policy

Safeguarding – Intimate Care Policy

Safeguarding – Physical Restraint and Use of Reasonable Force Policy

Safeguarding – Positive Handling Strategies

Safeguarding – Risk Taking Behaviour Practice Guidance

Safeguarding – Safeguarding Policy (ERW)

Safeguarding – Time out and Seclusion Policy

Snow_and_Ice_ 2019

Social Media Policy

Subject Access Request Policy- Guidance

Toilet Policy

Traffic Management Policy CAP

School Uniform Policy 2020

Please follow this link to access the policies for the federation:

(Please note these federated policies are kept on Glyncorrwg’s website)