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Miss Newberry-Wall’s Class News!


We have had a very busy start to the year! Our topic this term was ‘Marvellous Me’, where the children learned all about themselves.

During ‘body parts week’, we had help to label each body part by singing the song ‘Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’- we even tried singing it in Welsh! The children had to work very hard by helping to take care of baby Dafydd during ‘the stages of life week’. Together, we changed his nappy, gave him a bottle and learned how to bath a baby. For ‘Feelings Week’, we made faces for our weetabix using different types of fruit. We created a lovely family tree throughout ‘family week’ and made stick men during our Fun Forest Friday (inspired by the book Stick Man). For ‘Celebrations week’ we celebrated Shwmae Sh’mae day by tasting Welsh cakes and speaking the beautiful Welsh language. In addition, we planned a party for Cariad’s birthday! Finally, we looked at our beautiful community, and realised how lucky we are to live in such a lovely area.

Miss Newberry-Wall and Mrs Gray are proud of the way the children have all settled down and in to school life. Don’t forget to keep up to date with everything your child is doing in school by signing up to see-saw and checking twitter. Have a lovely half term; enjoy Halloween but stay safe!


Miss Newberry-Wall’s Class News!

This term we finished our topic ‘Are eggs alive?’ For the first week back we looked at the season of Spring and went on a ‘Spring Walk’.  We decided to keep our courtyard clean and tidy by planting wild flowers and vegetables- we must remember to water them regularly! During ‘Frog’ week, we painted pebbles to create frogs and read the story ‘The Princess and the Frog’. To finish we week, we celebrated with a cinema morning filled with treats and laughter. For the final two weeks, we learned about ducks and ducklings. We were extremely lucky to have Mason’s ducklings in class. Sushi and Gina were so well behaved- we even got to pet and feed them!

We had a fabulous time dressing up to celebrate the Royal Wedding; all made a huge effort. We had a Wedding Photoshoot, played party games and decorated biscuits. It was a beautiful morning.

More recently, we have been making the most of this beautiful weather and completing our activities outdoors. We have loved using the balance bikes, playing outdoor games, going pond dipping, painting and enjoying our outdoor activities in the sunshine. We are looking forward to our next topic, which is based around the beach!

Miss Newberry-Wall’s Class News!

Nursery News

Spring Term (2) 2018

The children have enjoyed the start of our topic ‘Are Eggs Alive?’ We spent the first week back learning all about our country, Wales. The children enjoyed eating Welsh rarebit and tasting Welsh cakes! Due to our surprise snow days, the children celebrated St David’s Day a week later, where they all looked exceptionally smart in their traditional Welsh costumes or Rugby Jersey’s. During the second week, we learnt all about the story ‘Jasper and his Beanstalk’. The following week we read the story ‘Tedi Twt a Doli Glwt yn y ardd’ and taught Tedi Twt how to plant a sunflower. We also got to dress up this week to celebrate World Book Day; the staff were very impressed with everyone’s costumes. A superb effort was made. The library helped us to celebrate World Book Day by providing fun and engaging activities for the children.

More recently, we have been preparing for Easter with lots of Easter themed activities including measuring Easter eggs and searching for Easter eggs in our Easter egg hunt. As always the children have also been creative making Easter baskets and cards to bring home.